Proverbs 29:18 is one of my favorite scriptures. It states, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Conversely, this means where there is a vision, the people live. From a spiritual and socioeconomic perspective, this is very true because Memphis should be the place where people will desire to live, work, and play.

My vision for Memphis is for the city to once again be the high elite in public safety, quality education, and economic development. All three categories are interrelated. In order for us to be considered regionally, nationally, and globally as the “leader” and not the “follower”, it takes high-quality leadership from the Mayor and the City Council to work collaboratively in pursuing and achieving goals and objectives that enhance the quality of life of all.

First of all, I would want all neighborhoods to be safe, clean, and attractive to the eye. In order for this to occur, cooperative growth is needed. Cooperative growth must be done threefold: culturally, communally, and economically. It is extremely easy to negatively criticize Memphis’ challenges in this area, but it takes a lot of time and energy to actually stay in the City and look for ways in making it better. I’m a strong proponent in finding proactive ways in removing these barriers and have actively helped neighborhoods with this specific goal.

Public education cannot be inadequately administered to our youth. No matter what we may perceive about the younger generation, the fact is that the next generation will indeed be our future doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and other positive contributors to society. A City that embodies and impels successful schools will be able to attract and retain young people. Moreover, this will have a progressive impact on the middle class sector of the City, which has much room for increment. This population increase should be coupled with continuous job growth. We must also increase graduation rates and decrease dropout rates and the number of schools on low-performing lists. I take pride as a teacher in making sure my students, regardless of their school status, have the best quality education at Central High School.

Finally, in order to be the City of Choice, economic development will help fight the economic segregation and poverty that exists within the City. My vision is that we continue to dispel the existence of public housing and replace it with affordable housing. I would like to see all sectors of a community empower themselves by collaborating and finding solutions to create the Memphis I believe we all want. During my time on the Council, I have given continuous support and assistance to several Community Development Corporations (CDCs), including the Cooper-Young CDC and The Works, Inc. The latter has helped with the implementation and approval of the SoMe project (South Memphis Revitalization Action Plan), which is a 7 year longitudinal plan… “To transform South Memphis into one of our region’s premier urban neighborhoods of choice by mobilizing local residents, institutions, and their allies to implement a comprehensive economic and community development strategy promoting healthy living, lifelong-learning, local entrepreneurship, job training, innovative youth and family services, green building and design, cooperative problem-solving, alternative transportation, excellence in urban design and public and private development partnerships.”


This is a snapshot of my accomplishments in various areas of District 6 and I am proud to have sponsored or co-sponsored these items during my tenure as Councilman:

  • Reestablished the CO-ACT unit back to the Charles Powell-Westwood Community Center (30 days after first inauguration) after almost a decade long absence
  • Collaborated with the Riverfront Development Corporation in enhancing Chickasaw Heritage Park in the French Fort Neighborhood with walking trails
  • Assisted and supported the Workforce Investment Network and the City’s Summer Youth Program in the addition of 2,300 local (3,100 total) for Summer 2009 and several hundred more for the 2015 calendar year
  • Assisted the 35th Ward Neighborhood Association in the Riverview-Kansas area in acquiring a $15,000 Memphis City Beautiful grant in fighting blight in the neighborhood and promoting summer jobs for community youth who were eager to clean up their neighborhood
  • Helped secure a $250,000 grant with AT&T to provide the College Park area with free Internet services (College Park was the FIRST neighborhood in the State of Tennessee to acquire this grant)
  • Co-Sponsored the South Memphis Revitalization Plan which focused on the neighborhood west of I-240, south of Trigg Avenue, east of Lauderdale, and north of Person Avenue
  • Secured Capital Improvement Project funds for the expansion, widening, and renovating of 3rd Street (US Hwy 61) after 14 years of attempts by the Coro Lake Neighborhood Association
  • Supported City administration in the process of bringing over 3,000 jobs to District 6 (Electrolux, Mitsubishi, Great American Steamboat, and Nissan)
  • Proposed and passed several initiatives and resolutions that modernized the fee and tax structure of the City, garnering $10 million in new revenue streams for the City’s general fund in recovering costs
  • Co-Sponsored the re-naming of a significant portion of Linden Avenue in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., for this was the last street where he marched prior to his assassination
  • Proposed and passed several individual initiatives and funded resolutions that subsidized $13.5 million for City services integral to neighborhood growth, such as parks, libraries, code enforcement, community centers, elimination of blight, and road paving
  • Established the Council Rules of Procedures Subcommittee of the City Council in order to clarify internal policies and to strengthen policies in order to make elected officials more accountable for their actions
  • Championed the passage of CIP funds for the Chisca Hotel Redevelopment Project, a private/public partnership that is expected to remediate blight, bring 500 jobs to the City that comply with MWBE policies, and provide $20 million in new payroll
  • Partnered with the City of Memphis, Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare, and Cigna to create the City of Memphis Wellness Clinic that provides healthcare services for the more than 14,000 employees and retirees for the City of Memphis without using any taxpayer dollars from the City Healthcare Fund.

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