Greetings and welcome to my official website. Thank you for your interest in the work that my office performs on behalf of the people in District 6 and the City of Memphis. The 2015 election year has quickly approached us, and it is time for Memphians to vote for their leaders again. I have had the distinctive privilege in serving on the Memphis City Council for two 4-year terms, and it is been a pleasure and honor to serve my District 6 constituency and Memphis as a whole. The work is rigorous, but it is work that I take very seriously with each decision and vote that I make on Council Tuesdays. Over the almost 8 years as a Councilman, I have privilege to state that I have perfect attendance for the full Council sessions.

Additionally, for the past 11 years, I have had the opportunity to serve our children and “the future of Memphis” as an educator. I currently teach in the Shelby County School System. My students have a reputation in succeeding and graduating; over the last 2 years, 90% of my students scored at proficient and advanced levels on the state Algebra 1 EOC exam. Their success is rewarding to me and stimulates my drive to assist others in prospering, regardless of demographic or socio-economic status. For these reasons and more, I am running for re-election and am asking you to participate in my 2015 campaign.